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        AI WireCut Expert Edition

        AI WireCut Expert Edition

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        AI WireCut Expert is one of the most easy to learn CAM system available in the market for CNC WireCut NC programming. Most of the AI WireCut Expert users are able to generate the correct NC code for machining within one to two hours after the installation of the system. What the users need to learn is typically 2 steps, the first step is the assignment of NC Setting to drawing objects to be wirecut, the second step is to output the NC by selecting the "Output NC" button. Once you setup your own knowledge-based, a NC program can be generated within a few clicks. For simplicity, the system eliminate the command prompt procedures whenever is possible.

        AI WireCut Expert supports virtually any brand of wirecut machines in the market. The Post Processor Configuration feature allows you to redefine the Post Processor macro to suit any machines and virtually any requirements.

        EH WireCut Expert provides the most comprehensive features to deal with almost any kind of machining requirements and applications. AI WireCut Expert is widely used in both the Mould and Die industries, the application range from the semi precision application such as general Press Tool and Plastic Molding fabrication to highly precision machining such as manufacturing of precision parts for lead frame tooling and IC mould etc.

        The features supported by the system including the Die Cutting, Punch Cutting, Insert Cutting, Manual and Auto Single Block Cutting, Open Path Cutting, 4-Axis cutting, Advance Conic, Coreless cutting, Auto Wire Threading Cutting operation, Multiple Workpiece cutting, wirecut costing and many more. The software architectural of EH WireCut Expert is built based on easy to use, simply interface with comprehensive features and maximum flexibility concept. You can easily create the most complicated NC Program comprising all the die, punch, insert, single block, open path and 4-Axis cutting etc in a single NC operation.

        Cutting Method:
        • Die Cutting
        • Punch Cutting
        • Insert Cutting
        • Open Path Cutting

        Cutting Approach:

        • Linear
        • Circular
        • At Selected Point
        • Under Cut
        • Oil Groove
        • Cut from Outside

        Advance Conic:

        • Offset Only
        • Taper Only
        • Offset and Taper
        • Constant Radius
        • Un-constant Radius
        • Specify Radius
        • Constant Radius/Taper

        General Cutting Setting:

        • Auto In Fillet
        • Auto Out Fillet
        • Corner Under Cut
        • Pre-Stop
        • Over Cut
        • Circle Cut Angle
        • Multi Cutting Direction for Circle

        Punch Cutting Setting:

        • Holding Length
        • Holding Height
        • Multi Approach Cutting

        Contour Selection Method:
        • Auto Selection
        • Manual Selection

        Object Selection Method:

        • Manual
        • Same Circles
        • Auto Detection

        Other setting:

        • Auto Offset Direction
        • Taper Cutting Control
        • Advance Cutting/Condition Setting
        • Support Up to 20 Cuts

        Advance Cutting Method:

        • Coreless Cutting
        • 4-Axis Single Block
        • Single Block

        NC Output Setting:

        • User Defined Origin
        • Auto Wirecut Costing
        • Auto Wire Threading
        • Die Reverse Cutting

        NC Simulation Setting:

        • Single Block
        • Stop At M00/M01
        • Show Taper Contour
        • Check Small Radius
        • Ignore UV Code
        • Delay Speed

        Advance Feature:

        • Preferences
        • Password Protection for NC Setting