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        AI Tool Design Platinum Edition is one of the most cost effective, productive and comprehensive tool & die design and manufacturing solution available for the industry. It is built base on the most innovative non-constraint rule-based parametric and Al (Artificial Intelligent) technologies. AI Tool Design adopt the knowledge-based design concept that allows the user to input the basic design knowledge and data into the system for optimum design effectiveness and efficiency. Thus, It reduces the human errors and eliminates the repetitive designing and drafting tasks.

        With AI Tool Design, the designers no longer need to spend their valuable time for detail drawing drafting, almost all of the time consuming designing and drafting task are now assisted and done by the automation features of the AI Tool Design. The designers will optimize their time for more value added task: to continuously enhance the tool design quality and research and development of new tooling technology.

        AI Tool Design helps the designer throughout the entire design process from flat blank development, strip design, strip simulation, assembly design, holes and profiles definition etc until drawing dimensioning, detailing. During the designing process, the designers will gain great advantages from the fully associative context of AI Tool Design. The Al association engine links all the related drawing objects together. For instance, moving a hole will update all the associated hole list in the entire assembly regardless whether the relevant layer is off or freeze. Delete a hole will also remove all related hole list. Such powerful design context will definitely improve the design quality and productivity tremendously.

        AI Tool Design offers a basic set of customization features within the system to allow the designers to customize the system according to their company standard and preferences.

        Al Solution offer a full range of CAD/CAM products including AI Tool Design Platinum Edition, Classic Edition, Al Wire, Al Mill and Al Drill. All the products are fully integrated for maximum productivity. AI Tool Design is fully compatible with the higher version of Al solution such as the Platinum Edition so the future upgrade to a more powerful platform is ready.

        AI Tool Design built on top of the world's most popular AutoCAD software and leverage on Autodesk's ObjectARX, Active-X, VBA and Visuallisp technology.